Crofton Lakeview

Golf Course

Box 326

Crofton, Nebraska 68730

Ph. 402 388 4552

Download membership form. (PDF File)

2015 Season Membership Categories

Annual  Memberships                                                        400.00                             

High School Memberships                                                  125.00

College Memberships                                                         180.00 

Charter members receive $50.00 discount on annual memberships.

Annual Trail Fees and Cart Storage                                       182.00

Daily Trail Fees                                                                   5.00

Annual Electric Cart Service Chart                                        202.00

Green Fees                                              Mon.-Thurs.     Fri.-Sat.-Sun.    

9 Holes                                                          17.00              22.00

18 Holes                                                        23.00              28.00

Cart Rental                                                                       

 9 Holes                                                           10.00 per Seat     

18 Holes                                                          15.00 per Seat

Punch Cards    11-9 hole rounds 1 seat only       80.00

  • College-includes non-married persons under the age of 22 who are attending college and are not already included in an annual membership.
  • High School-includes children in high school and younger and not included under an annual membership.
  • Crofton Lakeview policy requires all accounts to be paid in full prior to May 1st or prior to use of membership privileges. Green fees will be charged to all persons who are not paid in full until their accounts are settled.
  • All persons storing a cart must be paid.
  • Annual members must pay annual trail fees..